Individual Tax Engagement Survey
Client Satisfaction Survey for Individual 1040 or 1041 Tax Engagements. The information you provide will help us continue to grow a firm that is unique and client-driven. We encourage you to be honest with your answers. The only way we know what our clients need is if you tell us!
Timeliness of our services/deliverables: *
Timeliness of our response to your calls or emails: *
Overall satisfaction with your Capocore service team: *
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How likely is it that you would recommend Capocore to a friend or a colleague? *
If you did not answer "definitely", what is the most important improvement that Capocore should make that would change your response?
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What is one thing that stood out to you as better or different at Capocore then with your previous Tax Engagement experiences?
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Was our location easy to find? *
If you have visited our office, did you find it to be comfortable and welcoming? *
Is there anything that Capocore could have done to enhance your service experience? Tell us what more you would like from Capocore or express other comments/questions.
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Online reviews on Google and Facebook help us tremendously - by increasing visibility and letting others know that their tax/accounting experience can be a good one (and fun too). Our Goggle link will be provided when you submit your survey. If you would prefer, you can leave a review here and we will use it on our website, with your expressed permission below.
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