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The following form must be completed by all Teams and Traders attending Shenington Kart Racing Club and is to be completed by 6pm prior to the date of the event you are attending. Failure to complete by this date will lead to unwanted delays entering the circuit, for your team.

Please Note: Mechanic details should also be entered when the driver signs on.

By completing and submitting the form you accept to respect:
• Club Rules:
• COVID-19:
Thursday 3rd June (Test Day) *
Saturday 19th June (Practice Day) *
Sunday 20th June (Race Day) *
Team Name *
Team Manager *
Mobile Number *
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Entrants License Number(s) *
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Have You Got COVID-19 Symptoms *
If you have COVID-19 symptoms you must isolate for the 10 days as per Government guidelines, before coming to the event.
Have You Or The Persons You Are Bringing Been With Someone With COVID-19 Symptoms *
If you or anyone you are bringing have met someone with COVID-19 symptoms you must state this here.
Class | Driver | Mechanic | Car Registration Number (More than one? Simply hit enter and get a new line) *
TKM, Joe Bloggs, Mike Chanic, KN9 8ED
Other Team Personnel (please remember car vehicle regs)
i.e. Ann Other, Team Principal, TW1 AAG
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