Civic House: Alvin Gutman Public Scholar Lecture
The Alvin P. Gutman Public Scholar Lecture is an annual lecture hosted by Civic House. Each year we invite an engaged scholar or practitioner (they do not have to be an academic!) to bring new ideas and ask critical questions to help students and the University of Pennsylvania community be more effective in our work for social change.

You can learn more about our first three lectures in this series here:

We are looking forward to the Spring 2018 lecture! Based on the previously brainstormed themes and speaker suggestions, the initial list has been narrowed down to seven potential speakers.

Please complete the below form with information on the speaker you were assigned. These assignments can be found here:

Please have your form submitted by 11am Monday, October 16th in order to inform the topic discussion at staff meeting on the 17th. Thank you!

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Speaker Name:
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Based on your research, what are your takeaways on this speaker? What are some pros and cons of this person being the Gutman speaker?
Please include links, if applicable, to something that supports your takeaways. This could be a previous speaking engagement (preferred!), written work, bios, etc.
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What theme(s) do you believe this speaker would be able to speak to the strongest?
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On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the strongest, how confident are you that this person will offer a timely message to our community?
Please explain your answer to the above.
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In the past lecturers have participated in activities beyond the lecture itself (for example meeting with student members of our programs and having one on one meetings with staff). What ways do you see this speaker engaging with our community beyond the lecture?
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