Civic House: Alvin Gutman Public Scholar Lecture
The Alvin P. Gutman Public Scholar Lecture is an annual lecture hosted by Civic House. Each year we invite an engaged scholar or practitioner (they do not have to be an academic!) to bring new ideas and ask critical questions to help students and the University of Pennsylvania community be more effective in our work for social change.

You can learn more about our first three lectures in this series here:

We are looking forward to the Fall 2017 lecture! Please share any ideas of a possible speakers and/or themes/issue areas to help inform the direction we take for the 2017 lecture!

Possible Speakers:
Please include why you reccomend them and we encourage you to include links, if applicable, to something that shows why they are a good fit. This could be a previous speaking engagement (preferred!), written work, bios, etc.
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What topics are you interested in engaging with? What messages(s) do you think are important for Civic House to bring to our campus community?
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What other ideas do you have for how we might engage a speaker during their time with us?
If we had the opportunity to visit with next year's speaker for an additional day (or more!) how might you envision that time being spent?
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