The Brave House - Bloom Crew
Welcome to the Bloom Crew. We are a group of volunteers assisting with the events and workshops hosted by The Brave House. By joining this group, you are a crucial part of making these events as meaningful as possible for the young women we work with. There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into making a flower bloom - from bees, to the sunshine, to gardeners, to hummingbirds, to rainfall. It takes a crew and we are so happy you're part of ours.

Your role at the event will mostly be that of a busy bee, helping with anything from checking girls in at the front door, to setting up food/snacks, to running out for last minute supplies, to helping us clean up after. We also hope that you will participate in the event itself and engage with our community members with respect, compassion, and an open-mind.

Please sign up for an event (or several), then SAVE THE DATE in your calendar. You will receive an e-mail from our team in the days leading up to the event with more details, which are currently confidential for safety reasons. At this time, all volunteers must be older than 24 years old.

Note: This list is not representative of all our events. Once 2 people sign up for an event, it is removed from the list. If you would like to facilitate an event, rather than volunteer at one, please contact Lauren at Thank you so much!
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