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: : W H A T W E D O ? : :

Enjoy unique sound-moments that will remain enjoyable unforgettable experiences.
Play, sing or make noise…that turns into Music!
Enjoy soundscapes that are uniquely coloured each and every time.

Learn symbols and communication techniques that are fun and enjoyable to engage with.
We meet. We make Music. We learn. We work together.
We help each other out. We might have a good laugh, too.

: : W H O C A N J O I N ? : :

Everybody’s welcome!
People of any age and background (kids must be with parents, of course!).
Musicians or not... With or without a Musical instrument ... (you can get something creative)
Whether they think they can play or sing or not.

: : Y E S , I ' M I N : :

That's cool: I’m happy for you :-)
So, now, please fill in ALL the details in this form with care and attention.

: : A N D T H E N . . . ? : :

Once I know when and what time most people can make it:
Sessions will be announced,
An Event will be set up,
We can keep on promoting this ongoing open class . . .

: : G O I N G F O R W A R D : :

People can join and leave as they desire however, let it be clear that the content is different every time and new things will be experienced at each session; so, do tell people it would be great to be there.

: : W E L C O M E T O C R E A T I V E S O U N D E X P E R I M E N T : :

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