HLAB 2016 SL Application Form
This application form has three pages:

1) Responses to Questions
2) Personal Details
3) Application Check Sheet

Please note that the applications are open to current undergraduate students only.

* If you are a graduate student, please contact hlab.sl.info@gmail.com. We will consider your application on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to this Application Form, you will be required to send your syllabus and resume to hlab.sl.info@gmail.com.

*Please check the last page of this form for detail.

The priority deadline is 21st February.
The final deadline is 6th March.

Personal Description
As a seminar leader, you will be a mentor and a role model for a group of Japanese high school students. Besides teaching your seminar, you will also interact with students during social and cultural activities, as well as soft skill workshops.
Q1) Briefly describe yourself. (200 words) *
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Q2) Describe what makes you prepared to take on the above roles as an HLAB seminar leader. Please draw upon previous mentorship and/or leadership experiences, if any, in your answer. (200 words)
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Seminar and Topics
Q3) Write up to two choices of seminar subjects and a breakdown by day/lecture. (Each seminar is made up of three lectures delivered over three days, each lecture lasting 90 minutes).
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Q4) Describe how your first choice seminar subject is interesting, and why you would like high school students to learn the topics that you wish to share. How would high school students benefit from learning your topics? (400 words) *
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Preliminary Syllabus
You are required to give an overview and breakdown of the syllabus that you wish to teach most. Please send this in docx format to hlab.sl.info@gmail.com.

Sample Syllabus:

Design, Information and Creativity

A Step into the Complicated World of Finance

How to Grow a New Arm:

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