Boundless Love 文化共融 愛心傳承-Watoto Children’s Choir Charity Concert RSVP 瑪歌瑞特Watoto非洲兒童慈善音樂會登記表格
Boundless Love 文化共融 愛心傳承 -
Watoto Children’s Choir Charity Concert
Watoto 非洲兒童慈善音樂會

Dear Parents,

MAGART places a strong focus on the development of children's character and cultivating children's global vision. This special charity concert is held to encourage parents and children to care for the needs of others and have respect for different cultures. This fundraising will help to support and ignite the hope of African children with love. On the day of the concert, we will invite the African children's choir Watoto to lead us to sing and dance together with happy and lively music to celebrate the message of "Boundless Love"! Details are as follows:

Concert features:
1/ Connect with African children and take photos.
2/ Free of charge: Watoto Family Character Education Workshop at the end of November. (Please see below dates and location). The workshop will strengthen the children's understanding of the charity concert. Some love photo frames will be made for the Watoto children on the day of the concert (one photo for participating family and one for the other child as a gift).
3/ Certificates of participation with be provided for participating families

Date: Sunday 1st December
Time: 3pm-4:30pm
Venue: MAGART International Kindergarten (Whampoa)
Address: Shop G3A, Site 7, Whampoa Garden, 9 Tak On Street, HK (Whampoa Station Exit D2)
Concert ticket: HK$300* (one parent, one child), HK$80 for extra adult/child
Age: 0.5 to 6 years old

*$300 is the minimum contribution for each family, we welcome donations over $300 :) (Kindly fill out the contribution amount below)

We look forward to seeing you soon :D

MAGART International Kindergarten

瑪歌瑞特著重幼兒的品格發展,並自小培育幼兒具備全球視野,因此特別舉辦是次慈善音樂會,鼓勵家長和小朋友關愛非洲兒童的需要,透過此籌款幫助他們,以愛心燃點非洲孩子的希望!音樂會當日,我們邀請非洲兒童合唱團Watoto 小朋友帶領我們以快樂活潑的音樂一起歌唱跳舞,來慶祝「愛心傳承」的訊息!詳情如下:

1/ 親身接觸非洲兒童,並可合照留念
2/ 11月下旬免費參加「親子愛心大使」品格教育工作坊,加強小朋友理解是次慈善音樂會的意義,並製作愛心相框於音樂會當日送給非洲兒童(附即影即有相片,參與家庭和非洲兒童各一,各自留念)(詳見以下工作坊日期和地點)
3/ 參與家庭可獲證書一張

音樂會費用:$300* (一對親子)額外成人/小朋友另加$80
年齡:0.5 歲至6歲

*$300為每個家庭最低捐款額,我們歡迎$300以上的捐款 :)(請於下面填寫捐款額)

瑪歌瑞特非常期待你們的到來 :D

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