2020-2021 MESC Internship Application

The Middle Eastern Student Commission is a ASUW entity that is committed to serving, celebrating, and advocating for Middle Eastern Students at UW, as well as creating a safe space for students who need physical or emotional support both on and off campus. We strive to host events and create initiatives that aim at uplifting the Middle Eastern Communities on and off campus by collaborating with Registered Student Organizations at UW and other off-campus organizations. The MESC also has a protected seat in the ASUW Student Senate and is able to propose and vote on legislations that impact the Middle Eastern community at UW.


- Network and Build a Community: MESC is the newest Student Commission in the ASUW. MESC is a great place to network as we hear about jobs, internships, scholarships, and leadership programs all the time through our academic and professional connections! As an intern you will get to meet and build relationships throughout the ASUW and the Middle Eastern community at all three campuses of the University of Washington and the greater Seattle area.

- Broaden your skill set: Some of these positions require you to step outside your comfort zone and improve upon skills that you may carry with you into your professional careers. Not many people can say that they have programmed large events, worked on grant proposals, taught or lectured on Middle Eastern culture, or say that they coordinated student retreats on campus. This internship involves advocating for Middle Eastern students on UW's campus. Through this we hope that you will both find your community and build upon your leadership skills. We intend on giving you an experience that will both be educational and beneficial to your personal growth. Within the MESC, you'll have the freedom to work on issues that align with your own personal interests from education and career development to legislative writing and cultural advocacy. If you're interested in other issues that are not covered in the positions explained below, you're more than welcome to discuss them more during the interview!

-Celebrate Middle Eastern Culture: One of the best parts about MESC is that we oversee several diverse student organizations and collaborate with them to create initiatives that serve their respective communities.

There are 4 positions in which any enrolled student at UW-Seattle may apply for. These are unpaid internships that will begin as soon as you are hired.

*Every position will be required to*:
- Work between 3 and 5 hours a week. We understand that you are college students and have demanding schedules, so we will try our best to work with your schedules.
- Attend intern meetings with the MESC Director
- Attend MESC constituent meetings
- Help out with MESC-hosted events


*Education and Career Development Intern*
- Assist the Director in conducting surveys and community studies to further explore the challenges students face throughout their education and career.
- Find and share relevant school/professional opportunities for students (e.g. jobs, internships, scholarships, conferences, programs).
- Assist the Director in organizing workshops for UW students and student leaders for the MESC and in collaboration with other RSOs.
- Help UW students build a community within the UW and build relationship with Middle Eastern leaders in Washington State.
- Ideal for people who are interested in leadership, education accessibility, and workplace equity.

*Cultural Celebration, Awareness, and Advocacy intern*
- Works with the Director to meet with and assist RSOs interested in hosting relevant events.
- Assists in MESC event planning, promotion, and outreach.
- Serves as MESC's proxy at the ASUW Senate when the Director is unable to attend
- If interested, may work with the director on writing legislations that address issues facing Middle Eastern students at UW.
- Ideal for people interested in the safety and representation of Middle Eastern constituents on campus.

*Communications Intern*
- will be responsible for managing the MESC's social media accounts
- prior graphic design experience is NOT required, you will be working with the communications team at ASUW to design posts and flyers relevant to our events.
- Also serves as lead Outreach Coordinator
- Working on advertisement to the local and UW community about MESC events.
- Ideal for people who are interested in communications, photography, web design, or social media.

*Student Wellness, Mental Health, and Personal Growth intern*
- Works with the UW counseling center and Hall Health to address the low mental health awareness within middle-eastern cultures.
- Assists the Director in hosting workshops that encourage self-care, stress management, and education about health insurance .
- Works with RSOs interested in hosting relevant events

Application deadline: 10/25/2020
If chosen, interviews will be conducted within two weeks of the application closure. Applicants will be notified of MESC’s decision up to 5 days after the interview.

Good luck!

Amira M. Elfergani
Middle Eastern Student Commission Director 2020-2021
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