IMIrJ's Legislative Bingo

To support IMIrJ leaders in engaging your faith communities in this year's Legislative Campaign, IMIrJ has created a 2019 Legislative Bingo Card. (Download here: - along with supporting resources.)

The card includes concrete actions, political art projects, liturgical offerings, and educational activities - with plenty of room for you to be creative and adapt for your own community’s context. Taken together, and played in the basements, sanctuaries and halls of churches, synagogues, gurdwaras, temples and mosques across the state, our legislators and communities will hear loud and clear our collective call for justice as we play our way into political power!

Fill out this form to let us know what your community's action goals are this legislative session - and how you are using this card. This way we can support you, cheer you on -- and make sure you are eligible for bingo prizes :)

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