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Ad dates are subject to change. Please contact advertising@dublin2019.com for the most current schedule of progress
reports. To reserve space please email the advertising team a month before the ad is due.

Payment for any advertising should be made by credit card. We will issue you an invoice. To view/pay your invoice, please visit https://api.dublin2019.com

Dublin reserves the right to review and reject advertising
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Files should be sent as a PDF and all color graphics should be saved in CMYK. If it is larger than 10mb please let us know and we will give you an alternative to emailing the file. If you have any questions please email advertising@dublin2019.com.
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We have 3 rates available - Fan, Semi-Pro and Pro.  Please email advertising@dublin2019.com if you need any help determining your rate category.

Fan rates apply to all nonprofit organisations with no salaried staff, such as fan-run conventions, clubs, and fanzines. Semi-Pro rates apply to businesses run part-time by their owners, small press publishers, non-profit charities.
Professional rates apply to all commercial, for profit organizations employing full-time staff.
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