Explore MN Theater - Get your theater involved!
In 2017 and 2018, the Minnesota Theater Alliance will partner with Explore Minneosta Office of Tourism to create a targeted campaign promoting Minnesota Theater. It is called Explore MN Theater, and we want you to be a part of it too!

This campaign includes three specific campaign months when promotions will be sent, a sweepstakes will be implemented, and activities will take place to launch an initiative to motivate Minnesotans into exploring more of the amazing theater we have to offer throughout the state.

November 2017 is our first campaign month, followed by March 2018 and November 2018. We will be welcoming a major media partner to the initiative in March 2018, and will be enlisting numerous media resources throughout the state and country to achieve a campaign with a wide reach.

The Minnesota Theater Alliance is so excited to share this audience development opportunity with our state's theaters. Together we will create a statewide tourism brand for attending live performing arts. Our campaign needs your help to spread the word and maximize its impact. Please fill out this simple and quick survey to get started with your Explore MN Theater campaign involvement! We need your help to make this campaign a success, and that success should translate into audience growth for our Minnesota theaters. Thank you!

My organization has an Explore Minnesota profile already set up. (Theaters can create a profile on Explore Minnesota's website that is searchable by the public, as well as put events on their calendar. Visit http://www.exploreminnesota.com/submitANewListing.aspx)
Are you willing to share some photos of your productions, classes, or audiences to be possibly used in Explore MN Theater promotional materials? (If yes, we will follow up to get media items.) *
A major element of this campaign is a Sweepstakes to generate excitement and increase traffic to the Explore MN Theater landing page, and help participants experience new theaters around the state. Would your theater be kind enough to donate an item or items to the November 2017 sweepstakes? (Drawing takes place at the end of November 2017.)
For Sweepstakes donations: Please list details of your donation, including fair market value. This round of sweepstakes donations are due by October 20th, 2017. (Our address is Minnesota Theater Alliance, 308 Prince Street, Suite 270, St. Paul, MN 55101) Preferably, donations of theater tickets should occur within the next year, and we welcome packages as well that pair theater tickets with other local businesses.
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Would you be willing to reach out to a local business or businesses in your community to create a package with your tickets? (Such as a restaurant or hotel in the area, or the local CVB.)
If you answered "no" above, would you be willing to suggest some likely businesses we could go to ourselves to create a package with your tickets?
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We held an informative webinar about this partnership on October 13th, and we will have a recording of that webinar available in the next few days. Would you like a reminder when it is ready to view? (It will be posted on the Theater Alliance website.)
This campaign will be best maximized if you help us spread the word. Please select all the ways below that you will help us do this (and thank you!):
Another way we hope you will spread the word in November is by sending an email to your patrons, or including a short blurb in an e-newsletter. (We will provide the templated language and Explore MN Theater graphics.) Will you send an email or emails (or include a segment in your email) during our first campaign month of November?
If you said "Sure!" to that last question , what is the size of your email distribution list?
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Yes, I would like information about co-op ad buying opportunities that may arise.
Please list your contact information, so that we can contact you, or send reminders for upcoming activities. Your Name:
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Email Address:
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Phone Number:
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Are you the best person at your theater to handle these campaign activities, or is there someone else? (If yes, please list their name and contact information.)
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Thank you so much for filling out this survey! We will follow up over the next few weeks to get you the information and materials for the campaign. Before we conclude, do you have any other ideas for this campaign that you would like to share?
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