Lavender Leadership Induction Ceremony Nomination Form 2023
The Lavender Leadership Honor Society is an initiative of the LGBTQ+ Equity Center. The honor society celebrates leadership for LGBTQ+ social justice. It is open to University of Maryland, College Park undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff, faculty, and alumni of the university. Founded in 2015, the society has been acknowledged in the Washington Post, and is believed to be the first collegiate honor society focusing on leadership for LGBTQ+ social justice. Lavender Leadership Honor Society holds an induction ceremony every spring to honor its leaders within the LGBTQ+ communities on campus.
Inductees must be affiliated with University of Maryland, College Park. Applications must be submitted by March 30, 2023 by 11:59pm EST.
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Please indicate your relation to UMD: *
Please enter your full name as you would like it recognized by the honor society in recognition/materials: *
Please enter your pronouns:
What year are you (if you are an undergraduate student)? *
Why do you want to join the Lavender Leadership Honor Society? *
Please list the names of each LGBTQ+ group or initiative in which you've been a leader/volunteer or significant LGBTQ+ training/retreat/program in which you've taken part, along with your title/position (if any), and how long you've been involved or when the training occurred.

If it is an off-campus group or one we might not be familiar with, feel free to include a very brief description. If you have more than four or five, you do not need to list them all -- you may pick a few for which you'd like to be recognized. If none, leave this box blank, and the next question asks additional ways that you demonstrate a commitment to the vision and principles of the society.
Tell us briefly-- How have you demonstrated a commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ people/communities through your own leadership, volunteerism, research/coursework, attendance to trainings/retreats, or other involvements -- on or off campus? This can include less obvious or traditional ways of showing support for LGBTQ+ inclusion, such as doing projects or giving voice to LGBTQ+ issues in mainstream spaces (or spaces not specifically labeled as LGBTQ+), through art/poetry and creative works, by helping out some of your friends in need, etc. This can also be an explanation of some of the involvement you cited in the previous question.

Our objective is to understand how you have demonstrated a commitment to the vision and principles of the society in action, not just in theory.
How would you most like to grow as a leader -- and what do you most want to learn or do to make that happen? *
Where would you like your name and induction to be announced publicly?
Were you referred by anyone to join the Lavender Leadership Honor Society? Please write their name, email and title:
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