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Total number of people in your household
Number of Adults
Number of those under 18 year olds
Are you expecting any changes in your household size in the next year?
Do you have any pets?
Number of pets
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Artist, non-profit arts professional or cultural industry professional:
The criteria to qualify as an artist, non-profit arts professional or cultural industry professional is attached to this application form. In addition to completing this application form you must provide a resume detailing your professional qualifications, education and any other relevant experience. Applicants do not have to meet all of the criteria as an artist, non-profit arts professional or cultural industry professional in order to be considered; however, the Membership Committee will be using the criteria as a guide with which to make the determination of eligibility. The decision of the Membership Committee is binding. The Membership Committee is made up of representatives of Arts Hub Housing Cooperative.

Don't forget to include your resume with your application.

Please attach your resume.
Applicant: Are you self-employed?
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Co-applicant: Are you self-employed?
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Financial Information
Applicant's Annual Income (Line 150 from your previous year's tax form)
Co-applicant's Annual Income (Line 150 from your previous year's tax form)
Reference information
Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Phone Number
May we contact your landlord?
If you answered no, please explain.
Previous address of less than 3 years, including landlord's name and contact.
General Information
What interests you in the co-operative?
What skills and resources do you have and how will you contribute to the Co-operative?
Which of the following committees are you interested in being a member of?
How many hours per month do you have available for contributing to the co-op?
Do you have any questions or comments?
I/We hereby apply for membership in the ArtsHub Housing Cooperative.
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