Herbal Freedom School- BIPOC Communiversity Application
This is the required application to be part of self-paced Herbal Freedom School Program- BIPOC Communiversity. In this session all participants identify as folks of color. At the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine we are co-creating a community of anti-racist folks who apply a decolonial framework to their healing practice. We honor indigenous, black, brown, queer, two-spirit, transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary ancestors and predecessors while deepening our own medicine and healing and advancing our collective liberation.

The Herbal Freedom School Program is divided into two parts. The full program is 10-12 weeks long (depending on if you are taking the self-paced or regular session) and divided into 2 sessions- Part 1(previous session: May 8th-June 18th) and Part 2 (current session: July 10-August 21st). *In the current interactive program there was a 3 week summer break from June 26- July 9th.

In the program you'll see class videos and interviews with inspiring community members (all folks of color and mostly queer, two-spirit, transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary) doing amazing healing work in the US, Canada, Lebanon, and the Caribbean among other places. We'll have readings from the Partnering with Plants guide and Queering Herbalism volumes along with other links, essays, articles. We'll also have weekly reflections and exercises connecting us with ancestral plants/trees and our ancestral healing histories and grounding us in the class material. If you are in the regular session, there will be a few live sessions where we can build together and share stories, healing histories, and medicine. If you are in the self-paced session, there will be forums available for sharing.

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