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It is the purpose of the Korean Jindo Dog Association of America (KJDAA) to preserve the Korean Jindo Dog in its historical forms and functions and to educate the public about the breed.

KJDAA pursues this commitment by engaging in, and encouraging owners to take part in, activities which aid, promote, and foster the preservation of purebred Korean Jindo Dogs in the US. 

Membership with the Korean Jindo Dog Association of America is valid for one year.  All renewal membership fees will be due by February 28th each year.  

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For Individual and Family memberships only.  Individual and Family Memberships which grant the right to vote require sponsorship by two current members.  Please provide the names of two current members if you are applying to Individual or Family Membership.
For Family and Family Outreach Memberships only. Please list the names of the two adults in your membership and their email addresses.  Please list the names of any children under 18 years of age. Minors and family outreach members will have non voting memberships.
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Payment can be made online via the pop-up Zeffy link, or a check may be mailed to the KJDAA.  

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