Melon Network™ | Moderator Application
Rules & Guidelines apply as follow:
🡆 Age 13+. We will not accept anyone who is 12 or younger as they do not fit within Discord's age guidelines.
🡆 You must be mature and professional at all times.
🡆 You shall not tell other staff to read your application. If so you will be DENIED on the spot.
🡆 You must have not been given any punishments within the last week.
🡆 You MUST have Discord & a working microphone.
🡆 In addition to the requirement above, you must be on our discord server.
🡆 Vow to not abuse your given permissions nor to disturb a player's experience in any shape or form.
🡆 Take this application seriously and have AT LEAST 3 sentences per question to be accepted!
You can't apply for staff if you had an punishment within the last 30 days. Have you been punished in the last 30 days? *
Don't lie, we can and will check.
Have you read the read the rules and guidelines above? *
Do you have a working mic? *
What is your timezone? (Ex. AEST) *
What is your gender? *
What is your discord username? (Ex. jakepronger#2752) *
What is your minecraft username? (Ex. jakepronger) *
What's your age? (Ex. 16 years old) *
Minimum age is 14
How often can you be online per week? *
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