FFL Management Time Survey
Do you know how much time you spend managing FFLs every month? Give us 2 mins and fill in this brief survey and we will give you an average time spent!
How many FFLs do you request per month? *
ATF requires you to verify a FFL is valid whenever you transfer a firearm to another FFL holder, this is typically done by receiving a signed copy of their licence. Once you get a copy, you still have to file it away for records.
How many firearms do you ship to other dealers per month? *
When shipping a firearm to another FFL holder, you still need to verify the FFL is current, even if you have a copy on file. With a copy on file, you still need to find it, validate it, and refile it.
How many minutes do you spend contacting a dealer to get their FFL? *
Contacting other dealers can be easy or crazy tough. Just give us your best guess average on how much time you spend reaching out to other dealers to get a copy of their FFL.
How many times a month do you send your FFL to other FFL holders? *
When receiving a firearm from another FFL holder you usually need to send your FFL to the other FFL holder to verify it.
How do you store your verified FFLs? *
Keeping your records organized is always a necessary evil, no matter how you do it, it takes time.
If you are using a software to store your FFLs please tell us which one.
Electronic storage is a great way to manage your FFLs, but each one operates a little differently and can affect your total time spent managing the files.
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