International children and education
We'd very much appreciate a few minutes of your time to fill in this simple survey. Your input will help the International Community Advisory Panel to find out more about how international parents in the Netherlands approach their children's education and will, we hope, lead to improvements in the future.
International children and education
How many pre-school (younger than 4 years old) children do you have?
How many of your children are aged 4-11?
How many of your children are aged 12-18?
Where have you researched most of your information about the Dutch school system?
What sort of school do your children attend?
What sort of school would you ideally like your children attend?
What factors played a role in your choice of school? (tick as many options as you like)
Would you be more willing to place your child in a Dutch school if they placed more emphasis on English?
Did the availability of an international school affect your decision about where to live?
If your children attend a Dutch school, did they get extra help with learning Dutch?
If any of your children have special educational needs please outline how you have coped with this in the Dutch or international school system
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What could Dutch schools do to become more attractive to new arrivals?
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If your children attend an international school, does your employer contribute to the fees?
How far are you happy with your child traveling to attend school?
How satisfied are you with the quality of your children's education?
Not at all satisfied
Very satisfied
Any other issues? Please feel free to add any other thoughts you may have about schooling in the Netherlands
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Background information
Please tell us a little about yourself
How long have you been in the Netherlands?
How long are you planning to stay in the Netherlands?
Where are you from?
Where do you live (nearest big city)
May we contact you again?
Please leave your email address if you are happy to be contacted again and take part in future surveys organised by ICAP. Your details will remain confidential and we will not pass your email address to third parties.
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