UTILIS Capital Startup Information Request
Utilis Capital is a Bengaluru based SEBI registered Late Seed Stage/ Pre- Series A Fund. We are a sector agnostic VC fund investing in Disruptive & Innovative Technology Start-ups.

We prefer to invest in Angel/ Early Seed Funded Companies in Post Revenue Phase/High User Adoption, and Substantial Traction/ Market Penetration with our Investments ranging from INR 3 cr – 10 cr.

However, if you are bootstrapped and have achieved the above criteria we would also like to consider you.

Our current geography focus is companies having their founding team operating in Bengaluru. We may be adding other geographies in the near future.

If you think you fit the above criteria please fill this Information Form and attach your presentation for us to evaluate your company.

To know more about us please visit www.utilis.in

Please fill this form with the most relevant and useful information about your Company. Try to keep the answers crisp and to the point without compromising the information that is shared. The information collected in this form will be used to evaluate the Company by the Investment Team of Utilis Capital. Share relevant web-links as required.

Note- Incomplete forms will not be evaluated.

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What are the most critical business/ growth milestones achieved so far? Think in terms of the Key Performance Indicators.
Who are your primary customers/ users and what is your target geography? (Define in not more than 200 characters)
How many customers/users do you have? a)Total; b)Active; c)Month on Month Growth
What is your revenue model? (Describe in some level of detail) Share the details of the revenue. a)Total revenue to date; b) Month on Month growth; c) Last quarter's revenue d) total burn to date, and e) current monthly burn rate?
What is your current source of funding?
Total capital raised till date (in INR Crores)? a) Self; b) External
Name of the Investor(s). (Share LinkedIn Links)
What is the amount of funding that you are seeking in this round (in INR Crores)?
Where do you plan to utilise these funds and how long will this funding last?
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