[Gratitude Cafe] Radio Guest Appearance
Interested in appearing as a guest on Sue Lundquist's Gratitude Cafe Radio Show?

Please complete the form below to be considered & scheduled.

*Please note: Application process takes about ~20 minutes. You will be redirected to the calendar to schedule your slot once your form is submitted.

Questions? Need assistance? Email my team at supersuecares@gmail.com.
TO BE CONSIDERED FOR GUEST APPEARANCE, please be ready to submit the following items:
- [ ] 1. Contact information
- [ ] 2. (Short) bio: two paragraphs or less
- [ ] 3. Topic description of what you will be discussing with Sue in your interview
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- [ ] 6. Any promo codes, links, or giveaways you want to share with our audience. *Radio-friendly codes help
- [ ] 7. We recommend contributing a download such as a worksheet, tip sheet, cheat sheet or guide that helps our audience really get into the show content & put it into action. *Consider creating a radio-friendly, shortened URL.
- [ ] 8. Any contributions to our show notes, like reference links, resources & tips relevant to your topic

*Tip: You will be redirected to the scheduling calendar once the SUBMIT button is clicked.
We would love to have you as a “valued guest" & we are eager to hear what you would like to teach & share with our community!
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