RGO ONE HF transceiver - PREORDER FORM 5th production run
This is 5th production run PREORDER form. Production period march 2023 - june 2024.
Please fill in your data so we can arrange shipping of your brand new RGO ONE shortwave transceiver right after it is built and aligned. We don't need any advance payment. Final payment for the unit, optional modules plus shipping cost should be made via bank transfer or paypal (euro) upon invoice received. We expect first units to become ready in june 2023. Orders will be fulfilled on "first come first serve" basis. RGO ONE has excellent and safe shipping carton with bigger sized polyethylene foam inserts.
RGO ONE transceiver pre-ordered here will be fully built and precisely aligned and will include the following options:
- RGO ONE HF transceiver (80-10m)                                                       869 euro
- Bourns optical 128ppr ENA1J-B28-L00128L encoder
- H-mode high dynamic range first  RX mixer
- Standard 8-pole 2.7kHz 9MHz roofing crystal filter
- Variable crystal 9MHz 4-pole filter
- FAN cradle with two fans for rear heatsink
- Standard electret microphone with knurled cable terminated with RJ-45 plug
- 13.8V power cable ended with Anderson powerpole connector (at transceiver side)

By now we can offer the following optional plug-in modules:
- Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner module                                         155 euro
- Optional RX Band Pass Filter board for 160/60m bands                    54 euro
(TX LPF board comes standard with base unit)
- 2.8kHz 8-pole 9MHz roofing crystal filter                                              49 euro
(Replacement over standard 2.7kHz filter at a time of purchase)
- 2.3kHz 8-pole 9MHz roofing crystal filter                                              49 euro
(Replacement over standard 2.7kHz filter at a time of purchase)
- NB noise blanker/noise receiver                                                             79 euro
- Titanium color painted front panel                                                         40 euro
(Replacement over standard white FP at a time of purchase)
All optional modules can be purchased & installed anytime later.

Shipping cost via TNT/Fedex EXPRESS to United States                     85 euro
Shipping cost via TNT/Fedex EXPRESS to Australia/NZ                      92 euro
Shipping cost via TNT/Fedex EXPRESS to Japan                                  92 euro
Shipping cost via DPD courier to EU Germany;Hungary                        31 euro
Shipping cost via DPD courier to EU                                                         35 euro

For more information visit my blog - www.lz2jr.com
Feel free to contact me any time via e-mail or contact form

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