⚔️ Tank Battle is a turn-based war-themed strategy game with a completely new style and variety of game modes, developed on Binance Smart Chain.

✯ A highly experienced team including blockchain developers and game production.
✯ Backers & Partners: Kretos Ventures, LaunchZone, Oxbull, Astronaut, Dreamboat Capital, OEC, Coinhunt, Barmy,...

✪ More than just a game of Play for Fun or a Play to Earn, our game creates competitions for team players and alliances to gain valuable resources, which requires strategic thinking and strength expressed through interaction and connection with other players.
✪ Tank Battle's fundamental goal is to create a world in which each player has a role and to change community prejudices with an NFT Game product that is not only a Play to Earn but also a Play for Fun.
✪ When minting NFT, selling items, and claiming rewards, players only need to pay a small gas fee to confirm the transaction.

🏆 4 game modes: PVP, PVE, Alliance War, Tournament.

✦ Players will strategically arrange their squad and join in-game modes. Each tank class has different characteristics and squad supporting ability depending on the player's tactics.
✦ Join the game and receive valuable rewards: Gem (100 Gems = 1 Gem Box, drop out new NFTs), Gold (implement in-game features, swap to TBL)

⛳️ NFT Marketplace:

❂ NFTs trading: On the marketplace, players' tanks and tank parts are the tradable NFTs.
❂ Auction: Sellers will be able to list NFTs for sale at a fixed price or hold auctions.
❂ NFT Leasing: Players can list their tanks for rent on the marketplace. This will be very beneficial for those who want to try out different tanks without spending a lot of money on building and upgrading new tanks.
👉 Links:
Pitchdeck: https://docsend.com/view/aixrvwt2ziz6p3dr
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.tankbattle.co/
> Website: https://tankbattle.co
> Telegram: https://s.tankbattle.co/telegramchannel
> Twitter: https://s.tankbattle.co/twitter
> Facebook: https://s.tankbattle.co/facebook
> Medium: https://s.tankbattle.co/medium
> Discord: https://s.tankbattle.co/discord
> Youtube:https://s.tankbattle.co/youtube
> Tiktok: https://s.tankbattle.co/tiktok
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