TrackSAFE Education: Primary student self-assessment
Instructions for students: Please complete this short survey to help TrackSAFE Education assess the Rail Safety in Schools program.

Information for teachers: This assessment is both an assessment for learning (formative assessment) and assessment of learning (summative assessment). It is designed to quickly determine students' level of rail safety knowledge and skills prior to; at the end of; and more than a month after completing a TrackSAFE Education unit of work or lesson. It helps us to see how the lessons impact on the students participating.

Teachers can complete the assessment on behalf of the whole class, or students can complete it themselves (in groups or individually). Students who have difficulty reading/typing can draw their answers, and teachers can transcribe these pictures into words on their behalf.

What year or grade are you in at school? *
Please choose your school year/grade level.
What stage of the TrackSAFE Education lessons are you up to? *
If you have finished the TrackSAFE Education lessons, what learning area (subject) were the lessons in? *
Ask your teacher to help you answer this if you are not sure.
What do you know about keeping safe around trains? *
List all the different things you can think of.
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Why do these things/actions keep you safe around trains? *
Explain all the different reasons you can think of. (Tip: use [Because...] or [So that...]
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What have you done or made to keep yourself and others safe around trains? *
List all the things you have done or made that you can think of.
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