Historic Lakewood Bronze Plaque
A program of the Lakewood Historical Society

Show pride in your Lakewood Century Home and let others know that your house was bui8lt 100 or more years ago. Display a personalized cast bronze "Historic Lakewood" plaque on the front of your house.

The 7" x 5" cast, solid bronze plaque is oval and has a black background with raised polished bronze letters surrounding a polished bronze oval with black recessed numbers featuring the year your house was built. Black background brass screws for mounting also provided. If known, and if the information can be documented, one of the following can be included under the year numbers:

1. The name of the architect who designed the house.
2. The name of the builder of the house.
3. The name of the first owner of the house.

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Sample layout of typical plaque.
Price: $165
Includes $20 tax deductible donation.
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Contact the Lakewood Historical Soceity at 216-221-7343 or museum@lakewoodhistory.org for more information on doing house history research. Architect, builder or first homeowner are optional additions to the plaque and not required for purchase.
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