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Do you follow a skincare routine? If yes, which of the following products do you use and how often?
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Day Cream
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Any devices use for assists in your daily FACIAL CARE?
Do you having problem making appointment for facial session? How long does it takes to make an appointment?
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If there's a technology which you can do it at home/bring along to travel, totally save your time in making appointment & save money, would you try it?
Do you currently use one of the skincare brands offered at TOUCHBeauty? If so indicate which one
If no, which brand so you use?
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Where do you buy your skin care product?
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How often do you buy product online?
Which platform?
On average, how much do you spend on facial center a month?
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What concerns you most about your skin?
When choosing skin care products, which of the following factors matter to you?
How willing are you to try different beauty device products?
How likely is that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?
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