Exploring your dreams and fantasies through psychodrama- Every Monday

Psychodrama is essentially a group action method. This method is a spontaneous and creative method which is used by well trained and certified psychodramtists who enables or facilitates enactment of real-life situations, past incidents or situations or an inner mental process but acting them out in the present time. “You analyze their dreams. I give them the courage to dream again.” These were the words from Jacob L. Moreno to Sigmund Freud, that emphasizes his work on Dreams using Psychodrama. His focus was on helping people analyse their conflicting roles, put the parts together and give them the courage to dream again. Exploration of dreams played a significant part in Moreno’s approach as dreams help us experience new information on many levels: mind, body and psyche. Psychodrama can be a natural method to use with dreams, fantasies and unconscious materials as they involve symbolism and helps in understanding one’s inner processes and inner world. Psychodramtist helps people see their dreams and fantasies, and help them deal with this and make sense out of it. Psychodrama acts as a bridge that connects dreams and outward reality.

Every Monday

Timings: 8.30 AM to 9.30 PM (IST)

Course fee: Rs. 800 per session
For 3 sessions: Rs. 2,250


Ms. Magdalene Jeyarathnam,Founder Director of Indian Institute of Psychodrama, She is an Expressive Arts therapist and board certified Psychodramatist. She is currently completing her PEP Certification, she is in the international committee of ASGPP and is also on the board of directors of International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process (IAGP).

For more details contact: 9884700104 / 106/ 135
Email: training@centerforcounselling.org / info@centerforcounselling.org
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