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What is your name? (This can be an online handle) *
Are you requesting a colouring or a new piece of art? *
If I decide to take up your request, what is the best way to reach you directly? Speedy responses are preferred. *
If the piece your are asking to be created/coloured is explicit or mature in nature, are you over the age of 18? *
Please provide a link to the artwork to be coloured. If this is not a colouring request, please provide a link to a reference image. Accepted file types are JPG, PNG (preferred), GIF, SAI, SAI2 and PSD.
Please describe the commission that you would like to order in as great of detail as possible. Include things like poses, facial expressions, clothing (or lack of), and what your character looks like. If this is a colouring request, please include any details that I may find useful while colouring your request. *
Artwork that I will not create/colour out of principle or legality:
- Vore (of any kind, soft or otherwise)
- Birthing/unbirthing
- Guro
- Overtly-feminine males (you do you, but that's a hard no from me)
- Fatfurs (rolls where there should not be rolls, etc.)
- Crossgender/transgender characters (to steer clear of potential debate/drama)
- Diaper/babyfurs (I do not support ABDL or any derivative)
- Fart/scat/watersports (for obvious reasons)
- Living inflatables (too shiny and complicated, and not my thing)
- Extreme blood/gore in any context
- Necrophilia (again, for obvious reasons)
- Any character of Jasonafex's or Kabier's (Long story)
- Comics longer than a page long (standard A4 pages, so no loopholes here)

If you request something that is not only this list and I reject it, they I will try to remember to add it here.
Could your artwork be considered any of the things listed above? Do not submit this form unless you are absolutely sure. *
Would you like a copy of the project file when I am finished working on your piece? *
Terms of Service
By submitting this form, you agree to allow me, Nikolai-the-Wolfdog, to create artwork for your based off the information that you have provided above. You understand that at any time, for any reason, I may deny your request at any time throughout the creation/colouring process. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold me harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs (including reasonable legal fees) or other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of your failure to disclose your lack of copyright of any character/object/etc in your request. By submitting this form, you understand that all agreed-upon final products are provided as-is. After this point in time, you then agree to extend copyrights to me so that I may upload the final product to my galleries. These include, but are not limited to,,, and my website, located at

This contract may occasionally be amended. Amendments may be made without warning. Whether you are informed of the amendments or not, your submission of this form indicates your acceptance of any new terms.
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