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This is an application form to request access to the BSMG Wiki Translation project on Crowdin. This will require a Crowdin account.

Information on how the project is organized can be found here!
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A Word of Caution
Due to the nature of the wiki continuously changing and how Crowdin operates there will be times where a significant amount of progress will be reset. Luckily previous work is saved but needs to be manually applied again when these changes occur.

We hope you understand that we are working with what we have and will try our hardest to limit the frequency of these events in addition to keeping you updated through the dedicated discord.
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List any languages you are willing to contribute. This is not limited to the languages we have available on Crowdin as we can add more as needed.
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By joining and contributing to the project through Crowdin, you understand and agree that you transfer all the rights to your translations to the Beat Saber Modding Group (BSMG).

All contributed translations are then licensed by BSMG under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License . With your name credited on the Translators page here once your contributions are public.

The human readable summary of this license is available here: .

This is the same license that covers the English wiki content as noted here:
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