Drop the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) Workshop Request form
​BAY-Peace and About Face: Veterans Against War are offering on-going youth-led workshops to develop consciousness about the Military Industrial Complex and the impacts it has on our communities. All workshops aim to allow participants to explore the relationship between militarization and the following topics:

Intro to Drop the MIC/What is Militarism?
ICE/Deportations/Militarization of the Border
Police Brutality/Militarization of Law Enforcement
Military/Truth in Recruiting
Patriarchy, Gender and Militarism
Islamophobia & Militarism

At BAY-Peace, we understand militarism broadly as governments using armed force to hold power, to settle disagreements, and to enforce economic and political interests. Militarism can be practiced between nations as well as within communities. It is based on a culture of fear, the threat of violence, and actual armed aggression.

If you are interested in having a youth-led workshop at your organization or classroom, please submit a request through this form and we will reach out to you shortly.

BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth
610 16th St. #322
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 863-1737

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