FSC Work Request Form
This is the form for all the current residents to submit the work requests to address property maintenance related issues.
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Please note once the form is being submitted, our office will be arranging the proper resources and or individual contractors to conduct the work request. All the related cost (labors and materials) shall be covered by FSC office on behalf of the owners if the nature of the issues is regarded as "wear-and-tear". However, if the issue is diagnosed to be caused by residents based on the on-site evaluation by the staffs and/or independent contractors, or based on the lease agreement, all the cost to get the issue fixed/ratified shall be charged back to the current residents. You may be contacted by our authorized contractor directly and once the time and date to access the premise being set up, you shall be there on time or $100.00 will be charged back to you if you are on site at the time when the contractors come. *
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