This brief will help you and us prepare for the work, to do it for you best. how clearly and comprehensively answer the questions are depends on how quickly we'll start to speak the same language, to solve tasks quickly and effective. We guarantee you full confidentiality of your information. If any of the survey questions will seem hard, please contact us. let's go! :)
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Цhat text you want to write?
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Tell us everything you can about lettering.
(All that you think - character inscription, emotional coloring, feature. If this is the logo - tell us about the company's target audience and the key operating principles.)
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What style of lettering you like?
(Please, attach links to several (3-5) lettering, which are similar in style to what you want to get in the end.)
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How not to do? :)
(Please, attach links to several (3-5) lettering, which are similar in style to what you DO NOT WANT to get in the end)
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What colors should be used in lettering
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