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Thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback on The Spark’s Relationship telephone Helpline/online Webchat which you previously used.

As you may be aware, Iconic Consulting is carrying out research for The Spark to review some of their services to help better understand what they are doing well, what could be improved and what their future priorities and actions should be. As part of this work we are gathering the views and experiences of people, like yourself, who have used The Spark’s Relationship Helpline or Webchat. Iconic Consulting is an independent research company and we are members of the Social Research Association and UK Evaluation Society.

We will ask you seven questions about the Helpline/Webchat. You do not have to answer a question if you do not want to and you may end the survey at any time. I can assure you, your answers will be strictly confidential which means we will not share your views directly with anyone from The Spark as we will provide general feedback based on the views of all of those who take part in the research. Your involvement in the study will also be anonymous which means the names of those who take part will not be included in our report or published in any way.

Amber Imran
Research Consultant
01333 824101 / 07586 307 593

1. Did you telephone the Helpline or use the online Webchat?
2. When you used the Helpline/Webchat who was the person you were having a relationship issue with?
3. Which of the following issues were you concerned about? Please identify all issues you raised during the call/Webchat.
4. Please rate how important the following features of the Helpline/Webchat were in your decision to contact The Spark?
Very important
Quite important
Moderately important
Slightly important
Not at all important
Not applicable
Being able to communicate with someone in confidence
Being able to communicate with someone at a time that suited me
Being able to communicate with someone I did not know
Being able to communicate with someone alone/ without the other person being present
Being able to speak with someone on the phone rather than face-to-face
Being able to speak with someone online rather than face-to-face
5. Which of the following statements describes the impact of the support you received from the Helpline/Webchat.
Please explain why you gave the answer above.
Your answer
6. Has the support helped to prevent other relationships issues since then?
Please explain further how the Helpline/Webchat has helped to prevent other relationship issues.
Your answer
7. Is there anything else you would like to say about The Spark’s Relationship Helpline/Webchat?
Your answer
8. Thank you very much for helping us with this study. Would you be happy to be contacted for further feedback if necessary?
9. What is the best day & time to contact you?
If none of the above are suitable for you then please state a better day and time below
Your answer
If you are happy for us to contact you again then please leave your contact number below
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