SENECA PhD Training Review
An important question in the early stages of a research career is "How to get my paper accepted ?". Obviously, there is no failsafe recipe to answer that question, but an important factor is to approach the question from the perspective of the reviewer. Approaching the writing of a paper from a reviewer's perspective thus reformulates the question intoto something more actionable: "How can I persuade a reviewer to champion my paper" ?

During the SENECA PhD training day we will have one lecture on approaching paper writing from a reviewer's perspective. As a preparation for the occasion we have a little home assignment for you.

Review the paper "Formal Methods Application: An Empirical Tale of Software Development" (Ann E. Kelley Sobel and Michael R. Clarkson)

(a) Download the paper from
(b) Supply the review in an on-line form
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(3) Supply the review no later than
Monday, June 5th 2017 at 12:00 Central European Time
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