PSPN Crew Application 2018-19

PSPN is the broadcast network for Pond Springs Elementary School. PSPN is an outstanding opportunity for students to learn about broadcast journalism, as well as giving them a chance to practice important skills, such as communication, collaboration, and responsibility.

We are currently taking applications from fifth graders who are interested in working on the PSPN newscast. To be considered for the PSPN Crew, all students must have parent or guardian permission to appear in Round Rock ISD district publications. This permission is granted by circling YES on the Publicity Release Options (Video/Audio Recordings and/or Photographing of Student) in the student handbook at the beginning of the academic year, or by filing media release paperwork with the PSPN sponsors.

All crew members are expected to follow the PSPN Code of Conduct:

Arrive at the broadcast studio on time when assigned to work on the broadcast.
Exhibit positive, respectful, responsible behavior while being part of the news team.
Be well groomed and dressed appropriately (no green clothing for on-air jobs).
Keep up with academic work (classwork and homework) and pass all subjects.
Be a good citizen and remember Pioneer Pride.
Maintain good conduct and behavior and get no office referrals for misbehavior.

Participation in PSPN News Broadcast is an earned privilege, not a right. Failure to follow the PSPN Code of Conduct may result in dismissal from the PSPN Crew.

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