Wikidata Toolkit survey
Very small survey targeting to the users of the Wikidata Toolkit
Wikidata Toolkit users
In which context(s) are you using the Wikidata Toolkit?
If you would like to, can you give us links to projects on which you are using the Wikidata Toolkit?
Your answer
Wikidata Toolkit features
Do you need the support of Java 7?
It could be nice to drop the support of Java 7 in order to be able to use features introduced in Java 8.
Are you using or planning to use the Wikidata Toolkit RDF converter?
Wikidata now provides its content in RDF with both an API and dumps, making the RDF converter feature much less useful. Should we keep maintaining it (by moving it on the level of the Wikibase implementation) or should we just drop it?
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