Trophy hunting 2015/2016
Dear Hunter

The tourism research unit, TREES (Tourism Research in Economics, Environs and Society) at the North-West University in co-operation with Professional Hunters Association Of South Africa (PHASA), is currently conducting research regarding trophy hunters visiting South Africa. The importance of the research lies in that it would assist the hunting industry in answering questions such as what are the perceptions of hunters regarding colour variants, the size of this industry, what are its economic contribution, and motives for hunting. This information is important to grow, manage and develop hunting in South Africa. Completion of this questionnaire will ensure automatic entry into a lucky draw. Where respondents stand a chance of winning hunting related equipment such as binoculars, telescopes etc. Please enter your contact details at the end of this questionnaire, to qualify for this amazing opportunity. All the information will be handled confidentially.

Thank you in advance for participating in this survey


Section A: Socio-demographic details
1. Gender ?
2. Year of birth ? (e.g. 1975)
Your answer
3. Marital status?
4. Highest level of education?
5. Country of residence?
Your answer
6. Occupation
Your answer
7. List the hunting organisations that you were a member of during 2015/2016 ? (For example American Hunters and Shooters organisation).
If you are not a member of any, please leave open.
Your answer
8. How did you come to hear about the hunting outfitter?
(more than one may be selected)
9. Please indicate the total number of trophies collected during your hunting trips to South Africa.
(only enter a number)
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10. Please indicate which of the following you have made use of regarding taxidermy service in 2015/2016.
11. Show in percentage the following: (The percentage must add up to 100%)
a.Trophies dip and shipped
Your answer
b.Sent to taxidermy
Your answer
12. Rate your preferred province to hunt, where 1= the highest value and most preferred and 9= the least preferred (DO NOT give two provinces the same rating):
Northern Cape
North West
Free State
Western Cape
Eastern Cape
13. How do you rate the following:
Very poor value
Poor value
Good value
Very good value
1. Value of taxidermy done in South Africa
2. Value of taxidermy done in country of origin
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