Tribe Tampere Fellowship Application
Participating in the Fellowship program you will be at the heart of the Tampere startup ecosystem.
You will become a part of our startup entrepreneurial community, based on values like inclusiveness, team spirit, growth mindset and taking action!

š“š«š¢š›šž š¢š¬ š­š”šž š«š¢š š”š­ š©š„šššœšž šŸšØš« š²šØš® š¢šŸ:

- You are on your startup journey - have an idea for a startup, work in a startup or be a bit further along the startup path
- You are a driven individual interested in developing yourself through being part of the Tampere startup ecosystem, joining and leading projects, and helping other fellows
- You want to find the right connections and support to take you to the next level in your journey

š–š”ššš­ ššØ š“š«š¢š›šž š…šžš„š„šØš°š¬ š šžš­?

- Support to develop yourself as well as your ideas, through a community of like-minded individuals, professional mentorship, projects, events and opportunities for networking;
- Always a safe space to work in, in a welcoming, open-minded, diverse and supportive environment;
- An opportunity to be the first to hear about new startup related projects and participate in them, through the access to the Fellowship Slack channel.

š–š”ššš­ š¢š¬ šžš±š©šžšœš­šžš šØšŸ š“š«š¢š›šž š…šžš„š„šØš°š¬?

- Be active and proactive in the community, Slack channel, events and projects!
- Be genuinely interested in others, offer and receive help!
- Respect the community values, other Fellows and the space!

Contribute and grow together with the Tampere startup community!
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I live in Tampere area, and I am able to be physically present in Fellowship activities and events (this is a requirement to join the Fellowship.) If you don't live in Tampere area, but want to network with the Tampere startup community, please join Tribe Tampere Slack! *
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