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2020 UPDATES - $20 Registration Fee and COVID-19
WNEA adheres to strict guidelines to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. To keep our firefighters as safe as possible, we are implementing safe practices and physical distancing whenever possible. Our safety team has followed CDC, NWCG and local guidance to create a COVID-19 plan to reduce the risk from the Corona Virus. Incident Managers will brief all resources on expectations and will rely on a blended approach of technology and standard processes when in the ICP. Expect to see the safety plan when receiving your Resource Order.

In 2020 WNEA made the move to charge a $20 registration fee for participants to offset meal expenses. The registration fee covers the entire academy and provides for meals on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Meals included are breakfast and lunch on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and dinner on Saturday evening.

Registration fee will be collected via check or cash to the Gering Fire Department. You can mail the registration fee to PO Box 193 Gering, NE 69341. After registration, the Finance Section will make contact with the Agency representative to process or answer any questions.

In 2020 the Academy will operate Saturday through Monday. The exercise will transition from a Type 3 fire to a Type 4 fire on Monday. Participants are allowed to register for any or all three days. We are not requiring participating during the entire academy.

In 2020, we will focus on fire suppression, ignition operations, aerial support from various types of aircraft, water handling and structure protection/triage if needed. Participants will be placed in various positions to meet the needs of the participant and the Academy.

By registering and participating in the Academy, the sponsor agency supports the individual and all equipment dedicated to the Academy. With the understanding there is always risk associated with live fire, individuals accept and hold harmless the Gering Fire Department and all representatives managing the Academy. Sponsoring agency agrees to cover individuals and equipment with appropriate insurances and will not hold Gering Fire Department or representatives liable for any damages or injuries that have occurred prior, during or after the Academy. By registering, the sponsoring agency and individual participating agrees to these terms.
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