KOTJ III Tournament Registration
Event Timing: July 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2019
Event Address: De La Salle Institute - 3434 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
Contact us at (630) 880-8799 or info@nlaboxing.com

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1. TOURNAMENT BOUTS - The first category are the regular Tournament Bouts. Tournament Bouts are for both Novice and Open Boxers. Novice Boxers have 0 to 9 bouts, and Open Boxers have 10+ bouts.

Tournament Bouts are divided into the 14 to 15 Year Old Bracket, the 16 to 17 Year Old Bracket, and the 18 to 40 Year Old Bracket.

Boxers younger than 14 years old do not compete in KOTJ tournament bouts, only Matched Bouts or Developmental Bouts

2. MATCHED BOUTS - The second category is Matched Bouts. Matched Bouts are for both Novice and Open Boxers, between the ages of 8 and 13. Boxers between 8 and 13 compete ONLY in Matched Bouts or Developmental Bouts, and not in Tournament Bouts. These bouts are made both in advance of the tournament, and each day of the tournament.

3. DEVELOPMENTAL BOUTS - The third category is Developmental Bouts. Developmental Bouts are matched ONLY for boxers with 0 to 1 bout, between the ages of 8 and 40. A boxer can compete in up to 3 Developmental Bouts, over 3 days, at the KOTJ.

Boxers with 0 or 1 bout, that have considerable sparring experience, or more developed Novice skills, are encouraged to enter the regular Novice Division Tournament Bouts, or regular Matched Bouts, rather than the Developmental Division. The Developmental Division should be considered appropriate only for those boxers with very little gym or sparring experience, who are not yet ready for more advanced competition.

4. MASTERS BOUTS - The last category is for Masters age boxers, from the age of 41+. Masters Bouts are for both Novice and Open Masters Boxers, and will be made as Matched Bouts, as well as Bracketed Bouts, when possible.

The goal of the Masters Bouts is to get the Masters as many bouts as possible, based on age/weight/experience, and to make certain that they do not travel to the KOTJ, and have no bouts.

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QUESTIONS? - Please call John O’Brien, NLA Boxing Executive Director, at 630-880-8799
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