Enlsiting Translator Checkers!
We are currently looking for Translator Checkers just to be sure there's no spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors before the patch is released. If you feel confident in Language Arts, then this is a perfect opportunity to show off those skills!
How Confident are you with proofreading?
Please answer Honestly.
How can we contact you?
In order for us to contact you, we need to know your email address to get in touch. Gmail address is best perferred for this action.
Do you have a Discord or Dropbox Account?
We now switched to Dropbox, where we store our project files, and Discord to communicate with one and another. For Dropbox, please write your Dropbox username/email. For Discord, please state if you have an account or not.
Do you have any other Questions?
If you have any questions or concerns, please write them here. We will send an email to answer your question. Otherwise we believe you don't have any questions and you're ready to help out!
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