Academic Letter Jackets 2019: Sign up Information
Criteria for Qualification:

A student must have a cumulative average of 90% in either his/her 9th, 10th, or 11th grade year at a CISD Campus. A student must be enrolled in CISD the year the award is given in order to receive a letter or jacket. If a student has moved, he/she will not receive the letter or jacket, but will be awarded a certificate of academic excellence.

UIL rules mandate only one major award (jacket, blanket, sweater) be awarded per student, per high school career. Students being awarded a letter jacket for extracurriculars (band, athletics, drill team, etc) may choose to select a letter award only and receive the free jacket from that extracurricular activity.

Complete the following form by Thursday, September 20th, 2019.

Additional Information:

Letter Jacket Sizing is on September 26th, in the LGI. Students will receive a pass and get sized by the company, 2nd through 5th period, on that day only. If the appointment is missed, the student will have to contact the company and get fitted at their location.

All 10th graders have received an order packet for the jacket. If an upperclassman needs an order packet, you can find one in the Tiger Den, your AP/Counselor Office or Mr. Davis in room A1016.

The Jacket and Academic Letter are free, anything in addition/upgraded will be at the cost of the student

Please have the order form complete for the sizing appointment.
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