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Comfort & Joy is an amazing queer experience on the playa at Burning Man. That experience includes great art, great events, the Pink Gym, workshops, the drag boutique and shows, parties, dining in our communal lounge, a diverse set of campers, and our world famous Afterglow play space. We will choose a magical group who embody the qualities needed to make this camp spectacular.

Burning Man involves a surprising amount of work to keep it all comfortable and joyful, but when everyone participates in ways that they like, it's more fun. We all do our part to keep the community engine humming. You can volunteer in the kitchen, on construction, as a performer, on setup or breakdown, decorating, providing guest services, or join a project team. We even have virtual teams for people who don't live in the San Francisco area.

Putting on Comfort & Joy is not free or easy. We all help through cost sharing and through additional contributions to help create and run the camp. Cost share for this year is $420. This does not cover our entire cost per camper. The balance is funded through individual contributions and our year-round fundraising operation.

To be considered to camp with us, fill out this application. Within a few weeks of receiving your application, we will call you to get to know you better and continue your application process. We receive more applications to camp with us than the number of spaces we have available, so please fill out your application as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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