December 2018 Lieu Grievance
By completing this form your are participating in a grievance. This form is intended for members of TCEU Local 416 Paramedic Services Unit. If you are not a member in good standing of this unit please do not complete. The data included in this form will enroll you into a group grievance. The grievance will attempt to establish that the employer is not maintaining sufficient staffing for compliance of the CA (45.19) and that requests for Lieu are being unreasonably denied CA (8.01c). At this time we are only gathering incidents where LIeu was denied December 2018. This form will collect contact information that will be used to notify you of the grievance status. Please do not enter a email address.

Redress for this grievance will be that the grievors receive lieu days off equivalent to, the number previously requested shifts "off" that were denied, not exceeding 8 shifts.
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Did you make the request through the lieu calendar or direct through a management representative?
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If you dealt with a management representative, with whom did you speak?
If you were provided a reason for the denial, what reason were you provided? (Check all that apply)
If you provided a reason for the lieu request what reason did you provide?
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