Attendance Reporting and Lunch Order Form - Koko Head Elementary SY20-21
Aloha Parents/Guardians, please use this form daily (school days) to report your child's attendance ONLY if:

1) Your child is sick/absent or
2) Your child is ordering a grab n go lunch for that day.

Submit the form before 8:30AM. Please submit one form per child.
Student's Last Name *
Student's First Name *
Teacher's Name *
If your child is SICK/ABSENT, then fill this item. If your child is NOT sick/absent, then skip this item. My child is:
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Are you ordering a Grab n Go lunch today? Skip this item if you are NOT ordering a lunch.
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FORGOT TO REPORT AN ABSENCE ON A PREVIOUS DAY? If you forgot to report your child's ABSENCE on a particular day, then write down the date(s) of the absence. (MM/DD/YY)
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