Nimbin Community Sustainability Survey 2019
This survey (of people who live within approximately 30 kms of the Nimbin village) is being conducted by Nimbin Neighbourhood & Information Centre (NNIC). We will compare responses to this survey to previous survey results. This data will help us measure the results under the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan as well as attract funds to community sustainability projects. You can HELP by completing this survey. Your personal details will be confidential and you do not need to give your name if you don’t wish to.
Question 1. Your gender? *
Question 2. How old are you? *
Question 3a. Where do you live? *
Question 3b. Your locality: e.g. Blue Knob, Lillian Rock, Cawongla. (Note: we need to know this because of Q19.) *
Your answer
Question 4. Do you feel proud to be a part of the Nimbin community? *
Question 5. I feel optimistic about the future of Nimbin? *
Question 6. I feel safe in Nimbin village *
Question 7. Please rate your current level of happiness (1 = low, 5 = very high) *
Your answer
Question 8. How often do you get exercise (e.g. sustained exercise for at least 15 mins)? *
Question 9. Please rate your current level of health (1= very poor, 5 = excellent) *
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Question 10. Do you have access to health and welfare services when you need them? *
Question 11. Can you connect to the internet at home? *
Question 12. Do you have problems paying your electricity bills? *
Question 13. Do you have difficulty understanding your electricity bills? *
Question 14. Did you know that NNIC can assist with electricity vouchers for people in electricity bill stress? *
Question 15a. Do you volunteer at all? *
Question 15b. About how many hours do you volunteer per week?
Your answer
Question 16. How often do you socialise? *
Question 17. Approximately how many community events have you attended in the last 6 months? *
Question 18. Do you have an emergency Bush Fire Plan in place? *
Question 19. In the last 6 months have you seen any of the following within 500m of your home?
Question 20a. Do you currently separate your waste? *
Question 20b. You answered NO above. Why don't you separate your waste?
Your answer
Question 21a. Do you use the Return and Earn Scheme? *
Question 21b. You answered NO above. Why don't you use the Return and Earn Scheme?
Your answer
Question 22. Do you think waste separation makes a difference? *
Question 23. Approximately what percentage of the following PLASTIC WASTE makes up your general rubbish?
a) Packaging
Your answer
b) Non-recyclable/contaminated plastic
Your answer
c) Personal products (eg. tooth and hair brushes, cleaning cloths etc)
Your answer
d) Discarded consumer goods (eg. broken toys)
Your answer
e) Other plastics
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Question 24. How do you rate the value of the following resources? (1 = low value, 5 = high value) *
Question 25. What plastic products could you NOT do without?
Your answer
Question 26. More about plastics . . .
a) Have you actively sought alternatives to virgin plastic products? *
b) Do you seek products made from recycled plastic? *
c) What recycled plastic products have you found?
Your answer
Question 27a. Have you heard of any of the following?
Question 27b. Please send me info on . .
Please enter your details at Question 31 if you want information on the above.
Question 28. Have you ever visited our NNIC website? ( *
Question 29. Have you ever visited our 7 Sibley St website?( *
Question 30a. Do you think NNIC is doing a good job of Consulting with the community? *
Question 30b. Do you think NNIC is doing a good job of Overseeing the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan? *
Question 31. Are you interested in joining our Sustainable Nimbin email list? *
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Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Question 32. Do you have any other comments?
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