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Become a Student Leader: Put on the award-winning In One Instant film assembly at your school
YOU can be part of the most impactful Leadership Opportunity of the Year! Help combat the #1 Killer of US Teens – distracted, impaired, and reckless driving.

You'll develop a variety of leadership skills when you implement the award winning, one-period In One Instant Film Assembly (or in-classroom presentation) at your high school. The program is peer-driven, designed to promote behavior change and save lives. You will Lead the Charge and become an Ambassador-for-Change in your community ... and we'll help you do it!

We provide all the tools you need to create an impactful and successful one-period Assembly or in-classroom presentation, while helping to develop your skills in event planning and public speaking. We:

*Teach you how to present to your school principal and your school.
*Have partnerships with Student Leader organizations that allow you to bring the program to your school at a reduced
fee or at no charge.
*Provide optional follow-up tools and community service opportunities to create long-lasting effect.
*You'll work together with a small committee of 3-5 peers, and one school staff member who will serve as Coordinator.
*You and your committee will prepare for the Film Assembly by using our step-by-step Student Leaders guide, connect
with the community, and help with any extra activities you choose to do.
*All tools are available in the Student Leader section of our website:

Our In One Instant Executive Student Council – comprised of a team of college student leaders, along with our staff, will provide guidance and answers to any questions along the way. Email:

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