What does sustainability look like specifically for our region?
We are forming a new networking and professional development oriented alliance associated with the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). Your opinions expressed below do not imply an interest in participating (but we would like you to give us a shot).

Please note that a "sustainability professional" as we define it is a mindset, not a job title or formal education.

We are partnering with ISSP because it is an emerging global community associated with this emerging field. We hope to contribute to a greater St. Louis area by becoming the Greater St. Louis Chapter and forming an alliance of like-minded leaders. We want to help our region participate in the opportunities, and work past the challenges, wrapped up in the ambiguous term "sustainability". This survey will help the chapter organizers to focus on "what's in it for us". Thank you for your time!
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How do you describe your understanding of the term "sustainability"?
How long have you considered sustainability a part of your philosophy?
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