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Welcome CSA Members
This is the form that will be used for the weekly and seasonal bread-share options for ordering bread at Orchard Hill Farm. Each week you fill in the respective fields and then click submit. All forms will be made available the week of the pick-up.

The breads available this week at the Orchard Hill Farm pick-up are listed below.
Select the bread and quantity that you want, then come to the farm and pick it up along with your vegetable share.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me through email ( or phone (519-319-3517), or come out and visit me at the oven.

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Bread Choices
Listed below are the breads available this week.
All products are made using organic ingredients, and fermented using a 'levain' (sourdough).
Pain au Levain ($6.00)
A high-extraction wheat based dough that simply uses flour, water, levain (sourdough), and salt.
OHF Grain ($6.50)
A wheat based dough that is mixed with toasted grains (sunflower, flax, sesame, pepitas).
Spelt ($8.00)
Made using OHF grown and milled spelt, this simple loaf combines the added nutritional benefits with those of naturally fermented wheat.
Wise Walnut Raisin ($6.00)
Pain au levain base with the addition of organic Walnuts, Raisin, and a hint of Sage.
Prophet Loaf ($6.00)
An ancient durum (kamut/khorasan) based loaf that has higher amino acids, vitamins, and proteins. Most people find this flour easier to digest.
Baguette ($3.00)
Normally a yeasted dough, this baguette instead uses a traditional culture.
Croissants ($3.00)
Naturally fermented croissants. Limit of 4.
Check Your Order- Please
You've put in all the bread you want for this week- are you sure?

No changes can be made once this form is sent, so please review your selection as it will make the process much easier. Just as a suggestion, you should note the quantity and type of bread you have ordered on your calendar.

Just to keep you on your toes it is necessary to now figure out the payment for this week- hopefully it is simple enough.

All you do is multiply the number of loaves you've ordered this week by their respective amounts, then fill in the amount.

Payment *
Please enter the total price. If paying by cheque please make it out to 'Seth Wiggin'.
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Check - Check 1-2
Please make sure all the questions are answered, and that you haven't forgotten to order your choice of bread for this particular week. This process will streamline the whole operation so I can commit more time to making and improving your bread every week- thanks.

Once the form is completed it may be best to record your entries, so nothing is forgotten on pick-up day- don't want any bread left behind for the pigs.

Now the big moment "SUBMIT".
If you feel something weird has happened and your order is in the ether of the internet, let me know and I'll double check that your order has in fact been received.

Thank You
Thank you for your support in this endeavour by ordering bread, and supporting local, sustainable agriculture. Giving me the opportunity to be your CSB (community supported baker), I am spurred on to try each fournée (baking session) to fine tune the process, and as a result make better bread for you.



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