Quincy Dems Voter Registration Weekend Day of Action
The purpose of our Days of Service is to be a visible, unified force in our state through work done in the local communities. For our fall service project, we will be following up the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s Check the Box Voter Registration Weekend of Action for our city. Our goal is to help unregistered voters register to vote from their own doorstep. They’ll be all set to vote for the November municipal elections! Each ward will be holding their own. Check the Box canvassing session. You are welcome to attend any (or all) of the different canvassing sessions across Quincy.

This is a different kind of voter registration campaign. Rather than staying in one place, we'll be going to the houses of unregistered voters. We'll ask them to register, provide them the materials, and also let them know about a little organization called the Quincy Dems that would love to have them join!
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Any questions? Contact Melissa Schapero at melissa.schapero@gmail.com. When you sign up, she will reach out directly with more contact information for the day of event.
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