2018-2019 Board Member Application
We are happy to report that California Thespians is thriving and healthy with many new changes coming up. Our membership is currently 400+ troupes and professional members. We continue to offer many opportunities for Thespians and their sponsors in California, as well as keep the membership informed about the events happening nationwide with the Educational Theatre Association.

As I continue through my first term as the CA State Thespian Director I am looking for ways for our board to better serve the Thespian Sponsors and their troupes in CA, as well as be respectful of the busy schedules of board members. Any sponsor who is interested may apply and be considered for a role on the CA State Thespian Board.

In California we have three types of Thespian Troupes:

Troupes who attend the CA State Thespian Festival and other activities throughout the year (Northern and Southern Leadership, Technical Festivals, Northern and Southern One-Act Festivals, Summer Leadership)

Troupes who only attend leadership training, the tech conference, the One-Act Festival and/or other one-day events.

Schools who have a troupe but do not participate in CST activities

It is important that our board represents the entire state delegation with every level of involvement, and listens to the needs of our membership. In an effort to better serve all the troupes and sponsors, I am hoping many of you will consider applying for a position on the CA State Thespian Board. There are positions available for every level of involvement.

Board member opportunities:

The State Director - elected every four years. Attends all CST Board meetings and events.

The Executive Board - elected from within the State Board. Also serves four-year terms, which may be renewable. Attends Executive Board meetings 5 times per year. Attends Retreat and Festival along with some of our CST events. Must take on a Festival coordination job.

State Board Member - attends Retreat, Festival, and 2 meetings (Sep. and Mar.). All other work is done independently. Takes Festival coordination job and supports other non-Festival events. One-year term.

Festival Board Member - attends festival, Assists with an event at Festival/Festival Job, attends festival, and is not considered a member of the full board.

Festival Board Member, elected with a student - attends festival. Assists with a Festival coordination job. One-year term.

State Thespian Officers - student position. Elected at State Festival. Attends retreat, Festival and meets up 5 times per year. (September, November, February, Early March, Spring/Summer-as needed)

Transportation to all board meetings is covered for members in the North. Retreat lodging/meal expenses are paid for all Executive Board members, State Board, Festival Board, and Student Board members as appropriate and defined in our by-laws.

All Board positions are volunteer, non-paid positions.

Duties of a board member include:

• Representing Thespian troupes throughout California
• Attendance at board meetings (for Executive, Festival, State and STO)
• Attendance at State Festival
• Attendance at the State Board Retreat (for Executive, State, Festival and State Thespian Officers)
• Availability throughout the year for help, guidance, and to answer questions from students and their directors
• Working with guest artists at State Festival
• Taking a coordinator/co-coordinator role for State Festival
• Having a vision for future programs for Thespians in California
• Be one more voice to represent other Troupe Directors on the CST Board
• Work collaboratively with other board members

Festival Coordination Jobs (may be a Co-coordinator) include:

• CA PlayWorks program
• Thespian Store
• Individual Events
• Judges
• Workshops
• Improvisations
• Showcase
• Scholarships
• Play Marathon
• Scenefest
• CA Playwright
• All-State Show
• Hospitality
• Registration
• Guidebook/Program
• Social Media
• New Troupe
• Awards
• Directing
• Jr. Festival

Interested individuals should proceed with the following application process by April 15th.

If you know of someone who is not a Troupe Director and who might be interested, please forward this form to them. Board members do not have to be Troupe Directors, but they must be members of EdTA (or willing to join). I will be glad to answer any questions you might have in considering volunteering your time and efforts.

Our students benefit tremendously from dedicated, qualified, forward-thinking and positive board members. I hope you will all consider this and apply by the deadline.

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